Justice for Asifa

Asifa, a beautiful and innocent 8-year-old girl from the district of Kathua, Jammu, and Kashmir, was allegedly drugged, barbarically gang-raped for days by grown men and if that did not satisfy their demonic urges, allegedly murdered and dumped on the streets for none. Where did they carry out this crime? Continue Reading

Girls’ rights manifesto

Girls’ rights manifesto How individuals, organisations and networks can come together as a movement to harness the ambition of the Global Goals and create sustainable change for girls worldwide. Girls’ rights framework International law safeguards the rights of everyone. The women’s and children’s rights conventions acknowledge that girls face specific Continue Reading

Human right

Human right. Sometimes Governments are so busy doing things that will make them forget to do the things they really need to do. But that doesn’t mean they should ignore us when we remind them of the things they really need to do. We are so busy left and right, Continue Reading