Every night before you go to bed what do you do? Every morning when you wake up from bed what is the first thing you do? When things don`t go the way you want them to what do you do?  When you get something you always wanted what is the first you do? When someone does something for you what do you do? When someone you know, someone you love or someone you don`t know at all, achieves something great what is the first thing you will do? And all these questions? All of these questions share just one answer, which is GRATITUDE. Gratitude is not for Losers it is for winners. I don`t care who or what you believe in, be it God, Allah, Jesus or the Universe all I am saying is that! You have to say “Thank you”. Thank you… It so easy to say, it is priceless but the benefit is great.

If you want to attract something in your life you first have to be grateful for what you already have, no matter how small that is, be grateful, when you are grateful for what you have now that will attract what you want. The only thing that will determine the seriousness or the passion for your needs and wants is when you appreciate what you currently have.

Now your dream for 2018 may be to have your own business, or get a new car or have your dream house or marry that beautiful lady/handsome man you want to spend the rest of your with. These are great things to have, at least everyone dream of one or more of these things which are awesome, but hay what you don`t know is, most of what you want there are people out there that already own it and there are people out there that need what you already have.

You currently have a Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio 2017 but still want a Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio 2018? There are millions of people out there that want the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio 2017 that you have but they don`t even have the idea on how to get that not to say to set goals to have that in 2018 because most people see that it is impossible to have what you currently have, and now because you have the opportunity to have it you believe that you are super special and superior over those that don`t have what you have and yet you feel too big to give gratitude for what you have, thinking in your head that it is outdated and you want something new, if you are this type of person you will never find satisfaction in anything you do because your focus for what you want is going faster than you already forgot what you have. If what you have right now does not make you feel proud or happy you will never find happiness in anything in this world. I am not saying you should settle down with what you have and stop looking for more, no I am saying you just have to be grateful for everything in this world because “If you don`t know where you are coming from, you will never know where you are going”.

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