I am more than you see.

Faith it until you make it.

Faith it until you make it.

If you see yourself as a king, you can rule an empire.

If you see yourself as a boss, you can control anyone/anything.

If you see yourself as a leader, you can lead anyone/anything.

If you see yourself as a lion, you can master the jungle.

If you see yourself as a great Entrepreneur, you can provide solutions for people`s needs.

If you see yourself as a Billionaire, you will never go bankrupt.

If you see yourself as a great Farmer, you can feed millions.

If you see yourself as a Musician, Millions of hearts can dance to your tune.

If you see yourself as a wise person, wisdom will forever be yours.

If you can see your beauty, you will never need a makeup.

If you can see you, you will never compare yourself to someone else.

The subconscious mind knows the present and not the future. How you see yourself today is who you will become in the future.

– Bashiru Mansaray.


Life is not an easy Journey.

However, the truth is after the storm there is a sunshine, after the rain, there is a rainbow.

This is just to prove to us that, after every failure, there is a success. It is up to us if we are willing to strive for more. Sometimes it takes only one step to reach success, but we often give up quickly.

You can never be a failure unless you quit and you can’t be successful unless you strive hard.

Now come down to what hard work really means: Does it mean working until you get tired? Or does it mean working until you accomplish a task/goal? One thing is for sure, the moment you start giving up, that’s when the competition starts.

In order For you to succeed in life, you need to give it your all, i.e. (days and nights), not even a day off.

“Individuals who had been striving hard in secret, are been rewarded publicly.”

Sometimes, the time you take a day off, that’s the time others continue to strive hard for success, making themselves better, developing their knowledge and skills, in order to accomplish their dreams.  They continue striving, to make the world a better place to live, whiles you are busy sleeping, busy complaining; I don’t have what it takes, I don’t have the skills and knowledge, neither the ability to do it.

I’m saying to you now! OMG! Yes!! You heard me oh my God!

Does it matter? If you don’t have the knowledge, skills or ability to start? Of cause it doesn`t. The only thing that matters is you…

Now tell me what you got? And what are you willing to give?

Are you willing to give your blood, sweat, and tears? Your last breath? Your last strength?

Don`t stop when you get tired, stop when you are done.


– Bashiru Mansaray. 

Negative things do help.

They say you wouldn`t

Can you use that as motivation and do it anyway?

Anything that scares you is worth trying, so give it a shot.

They throw bricks at you, Can you use that to build your foundation?

No one wants to help, I guess you are on your own.

Can you do it by yourself? of cause you can.

Always push yourself to your limit to make sure you stay ahead.

It either you suffer now or you suffer later.

Do the work now and enjoy later.

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do”- Oprah Winfrey

There is a prize for success & Life collects the payments.

Again! They say you couldn’t.

They say you wouldn`t

Go and prove them wrong.

– Bashiru Mansaray.

What is a dream?

There are two types of dreams

  1. Sleeping Beauty Dream.

This type of dream is a wish, your heart makes when you are fast asleep.

  1. Visionary Dream.

This type of dream is when you can visualise yourself in your mind, where you want to be in the future.

Believe it or not, anyone can have/create any of these dreams.

Albert Einstein once said, Your Imagination is everything.

It is to know where you have been,

Where you are and where you are going.

– Bashiru Mansaray.

What is Life

Life is something very precious and you only get it once.

Life is great, Ernest it.

Life is an opportunity, grab it.

Life is a gift, accept it.

Life is a Lesson, learn from it.

Life is a season, welcome it.

Life is not automatic, control it.

Life is not static, balance it.

Life is a Journey, plan it.

Life is a mission, prepare for it.

Life is a battle, fight it.

Life is a challenge, overcome it.

Life is you, be it.

– Bashiru Mansaray.

Human right.

Sometimes Governments are so busy doing things that will make them forget to do the things they really need to do.

However, that does not mean they should ignore us when we remind them of the things they really need to do.

We are so busy left and right, fighting for gender right; while ignoring the right that really matters.

That is the right of each one of us; you can call it individual right or humanity right. The right to be educated, the right to speak the truth, the right to have access to public services, regardless of your religion, tribe, disability, living rate (rich or poor), not to talk of the position you hold in society.

Each one of us has the right to live; I mean truly live not just by existing.

We need to love & care for one another, I do not mean the erotic love you have for your spouse. I mean to truly love your fellow human being.

If only we see souls instead of Religions, tribes, colours, living status.

How very different our ideas of Love would be.

I wonder why people stand so strong fighting for gender rights instead of the one true right we all need, that is to be free and truly lives.

The right of humanity is the right we all should fight for; the right to eradicate awful life of teenage girls going to night clubs, drinking and smoking, becoming sex workers instead of going to school or learning skills; is the right we need to cry for. The right to help educate boys in the street that engage in stealing, smoking weeds, killing each other because of colours or whatever; is the right we need to ask for.

The teenage boys and girls are our future generation.

However, how can we build a great Nation if we do not plan a better foundation?

These teenagers are on the street not because they want to, but because most of them are disgruntled.

So let us fight for our brothers and sisters that want to go home but cannot; because they do not have any, those that want to go to school or learn skills but they do not have Penny.

I know some of you might not understand how painful it is to live a life like this, because you were born with a silver spoon that you were fed with by Nannies.

On behalf of myself, and others that truly care we are asking the Government for the right of teenagers that are on the street, to send them back to school.


– Bashiru Mansaray.

The Bond

Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

We have you at heart because you are our own.

No matter how far we go, we must come back because you are our home.

Sometimes we abandon you and make you feel alone.

Nevertheless, no matter where we are, you are always on our mind because we love you to the bone.

So many questions you have, so many things you want to say.

Like why we are leaving you, like why we go so far away.

Strangers are coming in, enjoying your blessings, while we go astray. Sometimes we do not know what we have until it goes away.

We are your children, and you are our happiness.

We will never forget our bond, the bond of greatness.

This is our bond, Unity, Freedom & Justice.

Mighty our nation, mighty like the ocean.

Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

-Bashiru Mansaray.

Be yourself

One thing I have noticed about people is that they will choose to look for the negative side of you more than the positive side.

What I mean by this is, whenever you do something good (either for them or not) they hardly compliment you or say thank you.

Now if a single thing goes wrong that is the time you will know people were watching every step of your move, they will criticize and condemn you like you never did something right.

They always look for your failures/mistakes than your success story.

Therefore, the best thing to do is ignore and continue to do what you do.

They will tell you; you are going to fail, of course, everyone knows that! Whenever you try something there is a possibility you will fail, but does that mean you should give in to what they are saying and stop? Of course no.

Failing and learning from your mistakes help you grow.

Every success has a backend story, a story that is full of failure, struggle, pain, critics, haters, naysayers, etc. and you must eliminate all these before you can reach your full potential.

A wise saying from a mentor (Joe Abass Bangura)

“The only way to impress people is to try not to impress them”

Be yourself, there is no single way to success, that is why you must make your own way so you too can stand out.

Be a Leader, not a Follower

Be a Victor, not a Victim

Be a Lion, not a Sheep

Be a Winner not a Loser

Be yourself not someone else

If you can’t Fly, Run.

If you can’t run, Walk.

If you can’t walk, Crawl.

Nevertheless, you must keep going…

-Bashiru Mansaray