My Independent Day Speech.

Author: Bashiru Mansaray.

Before I say, happy Independent day, please read this.

Recently, Liberia’s President George Weah mentioned in his statements on his visit to Paris.
“I inherited a broke Country”  and now Sierra Leone’s President-Elect (Julius Maada Bio). according to a report from Umaru Fofana

WOW! I just want to ask some questions.
Why is President Bio complaining about the Country’s economy, when he knew very well that he was elected as a President to solve that problem?
What was President Bio thinking before aspiring to be our President? The people voted him because they want a change! So why complain?
He himself totally condemned President Koroma’s Government, because he knew there was a problem with it. The election is over, so time for procrastination has to be over.
If he, as the leader starts to complain what does he expect us, (the people) to do? To sit down and cry like babies? No way!

President Bio should know that Leaders don’t complain, they make a plan and work on it.

If President Bio starts to complain few weeks after he has been elected as the President does it mean he is unable or unwilling to change the country? This will result in, a big disappointment to the People of Sierra Leone.
The people should be the one complaining and not the President.
I mean who is President Bio complaining to? IMF? To get more loans? Or International bodies to get more support? If that’s the reason then why do we even need a President? I mean we should just go back to the British people to continue to be slaves. That’s the best option, isn’t it? Because if our Leaders can’t solve our very own problems except by crying for external support, then we are not qualified to be an independent nation.

Why must our leaders always disgrace us in the sight of the world?
Why is it we don’t believe in solving our own problems?
Why are our leaders always crying for help?

Sierra Leoneans are not helpless, we have all it takes to make our country a great nation.
Our country is never lacking resources, it’s just that our leaders are lacking in resourcefulness.

If our leaders can’t manage the little we have they can never be able to manage anything bigger than that.

Mr. President Sir, we voted you to come up with ways on how you can make a change in our country and now you are just telling us reasons to make us feel you can’t?

Lastly, Mr. President Sir, the people are the ones to complain about the country’s economy and not you Sir. One last thing I have to say to our leaders is, “Nobody expects the tail of a snake to fight for its head”.

You are our leaders, so please STOP THE TALK AND DO THE WORK.

Happy Independent day to every Sierra Leonean.
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