Fire burns.
Fire purifies.
Fire alters hopes and awakens faith.
Fire tests us, making the weak turn to ashes yet the strong turn to gold.
A big heart, full of dreams. Dreams to change the world, but the motive was all wrong. 
One wrong never corrected half a right, but one right rewrote all wrong.
I call it LOVE.
You wanted to feed the hungry, but you did it so they thank you. You wanted to clothe the naked, but you did it so they could mention your name. Where did the love go? What happened to the days we were all one? Mankind.
We are not the black or the white. Not the rich or the poor. Not the learned, or the illiterate. We are mankind.
Fire burns what is lifeless and dry, and turns what is green to a black destroy.
I hunger for the day a woman will rise up and be the leader she ought to be. I hope to see the day men will respect themselves enough to keep their pants up and conquer the temptation of rape and resist murder which men, women, and children are daily falling victim to. I long for the day the beggars will rise up and believe they too are achievers, and the day the rich will send out a pure helping hand.
Because earth as of today is at a total ruin.
Humankind is lost. In the pursuit of freedom of expression and happiness in this our smart world, we are losing touch with ourselves.
We are slowing drying out our blood, and becoming prey to the fire that never rests.
We cease to be brothers and sisters: the family we once were.
We are becoming what we never were meant to be.
The fire came. Left us dry. Begging for a quenching water, but we saved only our own soul, leaving the rest to die. So in the hypocrite tears, and empty hearts, we became what we were never meant to be. Ash.
The fire came. Left us choking for air, but we stood on the backs of others, raising only ourselves, leaving the rest to die. So in the selfish gasps for air, we became what we never should have become. Ash.
But We still have time.
we still have hope.
Maybe today a seed will grow. Maybe we can fix what was broken, and rebuild the fallen walls.
All it takes is you to stand for life, and life other than your own.
Let the fire never find you dry.
Let your heart be filled with love, and let us turn to gold.

Author: Thabo Lubinda 

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