I tried doing some random search today and noticed that if not for Wikipedia, Sierra Leone will be like Ghost on the Internet. All the Government Agencies websites are like 5 years no update. 70% of the pages on Ministry of Information and Communications website are blank. If you don`t believe me check it out yourself //mic.gov.sl/


Now let`s talk about Bank of Sierra Leone. There website is just like it was created by a novice web developer. Okay they may say they want it to be more old school, But for goodness sake that thing looks like a Microsoft word document in a website form. I remember the first website I build using my mobile phone (Nokia X2) in 2010, I swear it was more professional compared to BSL website, it’s just unfortunate the wap builder I was using then is no longer accessible (wapego.com).

Can you imagine? A whole Bank of Sierra Leone (The bank of the State) website  has no SSL Protection, WOW. For those that don`t know what is an SSL read this: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.

So now you know, a whole Bank of Sierra Leone don`t have a secure means of transmitting banking data to the public.

Next stop, State House ( //statehouse.gov.sl/ ) I`m impress the website is okay, and they managed to get SSL, wow. Finaly a Government website with SSL. But guess what? It`s (Let`s Encrypt SSL) it`s a free public SSL, I don`t expect our State House Website is using a free public SSL as if they can`t afford to pay for a premium secured SSL, it`s a shame. COMODO SSL starts from $99 dollars a year and yet our state house can`t afford that.

Now I am just fedup with the research, let me now tell you way I did all these.

From the past Governments unto the present one has no interest in promoting young people in Technology. How can you give a Ministry of Science and Technology position to someone that has no passion for technology? They will just embezzle the funds and leave those that actually need it with empty handed. It a shame, there are a lot of young people like myself in Sierra Leone that are capable to help improve the technology system in Sierra Leone, but how can we? When we are not given the opportunity to improve it. It`s a shame, a State Bank Website has no Security protection. I wonder how they do things in there, when their staffs are still using typewriters instead of computers. Well to tell you, they won`t give the Job to those that can actually do the work, no they won`t and you what to know why? Because those people are us, we are young people. In Sierra Leone young people are been seen as stupid, lazy, crazy people. But trust me our generation is far better than yours.

I was only 15 years old when I started thinking about Entrepreneurship, and when I became 19 years old I started my own Tech company, and its not only me, thousands of young people in Sierra Leone are doing that too.

It`s Unbelievable how 90% of these guys up there today never have what it takes to do what we (the young people) are doing today when they were in their 30s.

We (The young people) are tired of hearing that tautology English you guys speak to us everyday ( You are the FUTURE leaders of TOMORROW). Now let us take you for your words, what are you? Answer: YOU ARE THE LEADERS OF TODAY, and what are you doing for the Leaders of tomorrow?

I rest my case….

Author: Bashiru Mansaray

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